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Frequently Asked Questions

Please click here to review a full set of FAQs.
Please click here to watch a video on Castor Ventures and our parent company, Launch Angels.

Who is involved in running and managing the fund?

We have a full-time Managing Partner and Vice President who are in charge of assembling the portfolio. We manage the fund with the assistance of our parent company, Launch Angels. Launch Angels is the back-office support for our fund and multiple sibling funds. This structure allows us to share expenses, systems, processes, best practices, and even deals. The Launch Angels Board advises on strategy, growth, and governance.

What is your investment strategy?

Our strategy is to spread our bets over a number of high-quality venture deals: 15-25 per annual fund. Diversifying across industry, stage, and geography minimizes risk and lets us focus on best opportunities for value creation. Another key part of our strategy are to co-invest behind smart, professional investors (the folks with sector expertise) who lead the round and provide material value-add to a company. The third element of our strategy is relying on our alumni community to not only provide capital, but to also help us source and evaluate deals. That alumni connection helps us gain access to a steady flow of interesting deals. Simply put, we can do better together than we can alone.

Isn't being focused on alumni-only deals overly restrictive?

The number of opportunities is actually very large. Two things to keep in mind: first, the generations of alums that have graduated and continue to graduate from the school is very large and evergreen, and second, we broadly define this alumni connection so we can consider a broad set of opportunities. Not only can we invest in a company where there is an alum (or school connection) on the executive team, but also where an alum is either a Board member, investor, or the source of the deal.

What is an accredited investor? A qualified investor?

Click here to read the official SEC definition of accredited investors. Click here to read the official definition of qualified purchasers.


Can I use my existing retirement account to invest?

Yes. We make that very easy. Our Investor Relations team offers all of our investors world-class high-tech and high-touch white glove customer service.

Can I invest retirement money, such as 401K funds?

Yes. The process is actually quite straightforward and we walk you through this. 

What are the different ways I can add venture capital to my portfolio?

Learn more about all of our venture capital investment options by visiting our Investment Options page by clicking here.

How do you get deal flow?

We are a private and for-profit initiative. We are separate from the school and not affiliated or endorsed by the school. However, we love our school and have a great relationship with the school and regularly meet with the administration and departments. Occasionally we’ve even informally collaborated with the school on events.

What is the deal team's background?

Our deal team has extensive entrepreneurial and investment experience. As professionals, advisors, and investors, they are thoroughly acquainted with the challenges of launching and growing a successful business. Both are also loyal and connected alums of the school, which has helped them recruit entrepreneurs, Ambassadors, and general supporters. For more on their backgrounds, visit your fund’s website and navigate to the Team page.

What is the fee structure?

Our fee structure is similar to most venture capital funds. There is a fee for the management and monitoring of the portfolio. We also receive a portion of the fund’s investment profits.