The Origin of Castor Ventures

Castor Ventures was launched in 2016 with a simple premise: MIT alums investing together can have a greater impact than investing individually.

Alain Hanover SB'70, Founder and Managing Partner of Castor, knew the deep loyalties of his fellow alums to their alma mater. He also knew that there was a rich tradition of MIT alums creating interesting and profitable businesses, fostered by the school's entrepreneurial ecosystem. Through conversations with other thoughtful alums, he developed and refined his idea for a fund backed by MIT alums to invest in alumni-connected companies. Our community would be the source of both capital and deals, creating a system that would give back to investors, entrepreneurs, and the MIT ecosystem. 

Since Castor was created, we have grown our network of sister funds for alumni at other schools through our parent company, Launch Angels. As our fund community expands, we increasingly share deal sources and deals, plus resources and learnings. 

To learn more about Launch Angels, watch our brief video: